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Do you:

  • Have high turnover

  • Have people problems

  • Have office drama

  • Need team building

  • Need FUN corporate training

  • Hilarious speakers

  • Better people skills


Why use the 12 Shapes at work?
Old school personality tests don't tell you what you really need to know about how your people will behave at work.
12 Shapes is the only tool that focuses on BEHAVIOR, which is the information you really need

This is next generation people science and more useful than Myers Briggs or Disc.


What People are saying...

"This program and the principles it teaches are solid gold. "  

- R. Marker CEO

All Metal Fabrications

"Rather than focusing on behavior or superficial methodology, they ask us to look inside ourselves and make improvements to our cores – This resonated strongly with me. I wholeheartedly endorse this program."

- Vince Rhoton

EVP of Sales & Marketing

Lifetime Products, Inc.​


"This is not a one-and-done kind of presentation – Kim’s material is something that you will carry with you long after Kim has left the room.  I highly recommend this program."

-Matt Thorne

Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Hill Brothers Chemical Co.

"It is a distinct pleasure to recommend Kimberly Giles as a Speaker or Trainer. She recently gave a presentation at Emery County's Benefits Conference. Without any reservation, I highly recommend her. She is a tremendous Coach and Speaker with the knowledge and skills to back it up."

-Mary Huntington
Personnel Director Emery County

"I would recommend her as a speaker for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about their associates and why they act the way they do.  Kim was great."

-Susan Balls, CPFA

City Treasurer

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Our Past Clients:


Utah Association of Counties Conference 

School Nutrition Association Utah 

Jordan School District - Manager Training 

Ogden Nutrition Services Dept. 

Grand County/Moab Employee Training 

Children's Miracle Network Retreat 

Association of Government Accountants 

UGFOA  Government Accountants 

IPMA (Public Managers) Conference 

Emery County Benefits Conference 

2nd District Court Retreat 

Salt lake Juvenile Detention Center 

WIC Utah County Health Department 

Jordan School Managers 

Redfish Lodge 

Snow College 

Children's Miracle Network 

EMI Heath Insurance Corp. Retreat  

Hills Brothers Chemical Company 

UGAA - Utah Gov. Accountants Conf.

Provo School District 

Lifetime Products 

The Utah Public Treasurers Association 

Granite School District GEAOP Conference

Utah Association of CPAs 

US Arab Chamber of Commerce PDI Leadership Forum

ONA Juvenile Detention Center 

Kids on the Move 

HDI Monthly Training

Parker Hannifin

Alaska Regional Hospital

What a Woman Wants Expo

AHMA - Affordable Housing Managers Association

Energy Healing Conference

BATC Technology College

Lifetime Products Sales Team

Northstar Convention

Utah Nutrition Association 

Association of Correctional Educators 

Utah Transportation Mechanics

Dale Young Alternative High School Staff

Utah Safety Council

Catapult CEO Club

Unforgettable Coatings Inc.

Utah Safety Council

Conservice Conf. 

Nice In Contact Wings Conference

West Jordan School District

Provo School District

Utah Community Action

Georgia Assisted Living Association

Edge Analytical

Association of Government Accountants

Paul Mitchell Schools

Patent Law Works Firm

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We offer:
1 or 2 hour Keynotes
Half day/Full day team building or corporate trainings
2 day workshops

Call 801-231-0107
for more information

  1. Have your team take the 12 Shapes Quiz and get personalized reports on their Shapes.

  2. Get an Org Chart Booklet explaining their Shapes & everything you need to know about your team.

  3. Get educated on Hiring the right Shapes for the right positions and don't make any hiring mistakes again.

  4. Get some Corporate People Skills Training to make sure your people (your most important asset) have what they need to succeed at work and home.

Companies all over the world have discovered that 12 Shapes makes understanding people and building teams that get along - simple and easy.

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