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The 12 Shapes is not a personality test. Your Shape has nothing to do with your personality.


Your Shape is a behavior profile - and based on what really drives all human behavior - your Values and your Fears.


12 Shapes is based in a revolutionary people science called Axiology. It is the study of how humans value everything in our world. The social scientist behind the 12 Shapes, Kimberly Giles, figured out how our values and fears work together in only 12 unique ways - and these form the 12 profiles of the human race. 

Axiology tells us there are three value systems: 

  • People (Intrinsic, irreplaceable things)

  • Tasks/Things (Extrinsic things we do or have)

  • Concepts (Systemic things like ideas, beliefs, systems, rules)


You value all three of them, but you tend to specifically overvalue one or two of them. Looking at the things you overvalue shows what is more important to you and what you focus on most. But it also tells you what you could undervalue or neglect.


If you are a Heart, who overvalues People, you might undervalue getting tasks done and being organized (a concept). If you are a Triangle who overvalues Concepts, you might undervalue your relationships with people.


When you find your Shape, make sure you read about what you might over and undervalue. Some people are bothered that they aren't a Heart, or a Shape that values people most.  The truth is - we all value people most, we understand they are the most irreplaceable and important thing in our world. But we don't all over value connection, relationships, and quality time with people most. The Shapes that overvalue People do so, to an out of balance degree. They overvalue connection with people so much, that they can neglect other important things. We all value people most, we just don't all overvalue people. 


Your fears drive your behavior even more than your values do. When you are fear triggered, your values go out the window and you respond with one thing in mind, protecting yourself. All humans have the same two core fears.

There are two core fears all humans have: 

  • The Fear of Failure (we might not be good enough).

  • The Fear of Loss (we might not be safe).


We all fear both of these things, to some degree, every day, but we have one fear that is our dominant core fear. The Shapes in the center (darker) section are Fear of Failure dominant. The Shapes around the edges are Fear of Loss dominant. 

Shapes that are Fear of Failure dominant are more likely to be people pleasers, doormats, have a hard time saying no, and they worry what others think of them too much. Shapes that are Fear of Loss dominant can be controlling, opinionated, and picky about having things their way, because it makes them feel safer in the world. 

Polygonal Shapes: 


These three Shapes tend to overvalue all 3 value systems with special emphasis on one. We often refer to them as the "trauma shapes", because people can become these Shapes through trauma. Though, some people are born these Shapes too. They care so much about everything, that they can experience more anxiety, overthinking, and stress. They can also be highly talented and gifted, at many things. Remember, being these Shapes does not make you better or worse than other Shapes, because all humans have the same value. We just are wired differently and therefore function in the world differently. These are just interesting differences. 

When you understand your dominant fear and what you overvalue, you will understand yourself at a whole new level.

When you understand the Shape of the people you live and work with, you will see that getting along with them is easy.  You will now understand what their triggers are, how to communicate with them, resolve conflict, and give them feedback. The 12 Shapes is a game changer at home and work.

Getting further into the science...

In Axiology there are 9 expressions of the three value systems and they were discovered by the late Dr. Robert Hartman, the father of Axiology.

These nine expressions perfectly show the unique value systems combinations of the 12 Shapes. The amazing part of the 12 Shapes Science is how perfectly mankind lines up with the value systems the way Hartman discovered them. 

We have been working on a way to find your Shape by taking the HVP, but currently believe our Quiz is more accurate and easy for people to understand.

I (I)  - Intrinsic/Intrinsic  - Heart                    A baby 

I (E) - Intrinsic/Extrinsic - Star                       With this ring

I (S) - Intrinsic/Systemic - Cross                    A devoted scientist 

E(I)  - Extrinsic/Intrinsic - Circle                   Love of nature

E(E) - Extrinsic/Extrinsic - Arrow                  A good meal

E(S) - Extrinsic/Systemic - Rhombus            An assembly line

S(I)  - Systemic/Intrinsic -  Oval                      Justice

S(E) - Systemic/Extrinsic - Rectangle            A uniform

S(S) - Systemic/Systemic - Triangle               A Technical improvement

Polygonal Shapes

I (S,E) - Intrinsic/Systemic/Extrinsic - Octagon

E (S,I) - Extrinsic/Systemic/Intrinsic - Diamond

S (I,E) - Systemic/Intrinsic/Extrinsic - Square

One of the most important things to understand about the Shapes, is that they are all equal in value and no one has it right and the others wrong. The goal is balance. We want to live with our values in balance, making sure we don't neglect anything important, and live from love, not fear. It is fear that causes our bad behaviors, conflict, and relationship problems.


The goal is to live in clarity and balance, and not be fear triggered. Each Shape person must work on their own fears and be responsible for showing up at their best. Knowing your Shape helps in this effort, because you now know exactly what your triggers will be and how to watch for them, rebalance yourself, and be your best.

Our Shape specific coaching program, is science backed, time-tested, simple and easy. Anyone can learn to manage their fear-triggers, be aware of their values, and show up for people with more love and tolerance. 

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