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How to date a Cross


Relationship Hack

Tell them constantly how amazing they are and how smart and educated they are.  Let them get on their soapbox and tell you about their causes, interests, and beliefs. Be willing to support these causes.

What makes them tick...

They value:

•Getting tasks done

•Knowledge and learning

•Working hard

•Doing things the right way

•Honesty and loyalty

•Moral rightness and discipline

•Responsibility and dependability

•The planet, animals, and nature

•Politics and advocacy.

•Making a difference on the planet

•Doing their part

•Taking action to make change

•Being virtuous and morally right

•Affection and connection with people

What to do...

•Give verbal validation and gratitude for what they do.

•Give them space and time to pursue learning and growing.

•Be smart and think things through so you do thing right if possible

•Do the right thing. Tell the truth, be loyal and treat people right. They will give you the same.

•Be ready to communicate and talk things through. They are long communicators and like long conversations.

•Be affectionate and caring towards them. Listen a lot to their passions.

•They appreciate dates that are thought through and planned with care.

•They are intelligent and appreciate others who are well read, learned, and interesting in knowledge and making a difference.

•Accept them as they are.

What not to do...

•Don’t be careless. Pay attention, think through decisions and do things with care.

•Don’t disagree with their passion for certain causes or issues. Be on board to support whatever they are into.

•Don’t talk down to them. Don’t treat them like a child or as less important than you.

•Don’t be dishonest, disloyal or betray their trust. Just tell them the truth no matter how bad it might be.

•Don’t treat other people with disrespect or break rules (either social or literal). Crosses believe things go better if everyone just keeps the rules.

•Don’t underestimate them. They are super capable of doing anything they set their mind to. They might just change the world.

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