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How to date a Diamond


Relationship Hack

Ask the Diamond what tasks you could help with or take off their plate, that they would actually trust you to do right, and would help their stress level to let go.  Then do it exactly the way they want it done.  Give lots of verbal validation about how amazing and hard working they are.

What makes them tick...

Diamonds are over-achievers who just want everything to work right and be the best it can be. They are willing to work at making a relationship better and will listen to feedback and make changes, as long as it's delivered without attacking. 
Give them lots of positive validation about all they do right before saying anything negative. 

They value:

•Doing everything perfectly

•Having things organized

•Having everything in it’s place

•Being hard working and successful

•Hygiene, disinfectant and things being free from germs

•A ”To Do” list that is all done

•People who keep rules and clean up after themselves properly

•Doing right by people and the world

•Excellence and high standards

•Self motivation

•Good relationships

•Hard Work

•Being the best they can be

What to do...

•Spend lots of time asking questions and listening to their ideas and feelings.

•Be open to feedback, advice, suggestions and ideas from them.

•Let them know often that you see them and how amazing they are. Give lots of verbal praise about everything they do specifically.

•Ask them to help you and give your advice on a project and them take it, and keep giving them credit for how much you helped them. They would eat this experience up.

•Do chores around the house often and in the way they want them done.

•Understand the immense pressure they are under all the time. It is hard to live with the amount of noise and thinking they do every day. Anxiety is a way of life and they are never going to stop worrying. This is how they are wired.

•Help them find ways to put all their worries on paper and let them go for a little while and relax.

•Teach them how to have fun and let responsibility go one in a while.

•They appreciate dates that are organized and well planned out. Fine dining and classy too.

•Accept them as they are

•Clean up after yourself and do it right.

•Be on time and organized - as much as you can.

What not to do...

Don’t make them feel second place. They want to be the number 1 most important things in your world.

•Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will push back and want their way and no one will win in a power struggle.

•When they get offended or bothered by something you did, own it and say you’re sorry and that you will make it up to them. Making restitution is the only way for them to recover from the loss and let it go and forgive you.

•Be honest even if it would upset them. They would rather hear the truth than be lied to, even if it hurts.

•Diamonds are quick to say what they think and this can offend and bother other people, so you both must watch for this behavior and not get offended easily. Have thick skin.

•Don’t mess up their systems and ruin an organized situation by putting things back wrong. Notice they have a system for everything and try to honor that.

•Don’t add more pressure and anxiety by telling them they aren’t good enough as they are. If you aren’t getting enough attention, approach it by asking what you can do to help them relax, so they are more able to focus on you.

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