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How to date a Rectangle


Relationship Hack

Allow them to have lots of alone time to pursue their hobbies and interests. Understand they need this and don’t take it personally.  Also listen and let them tell you about what they know often, whether it interests you or not.

What makes them tick...

They value:

•Having time to pursue their interests

•Time at home


•Learning and pursuing knowledge

•Being frugal and saving money

•Organization and having things neat and tidy

•People treating other people right

•Quality time and verbal validation

•Physical affection and feeling wanted

•Doing what they love to do and not feeling guilty for loving what they love.

What to do...

•Spend lots of time asking questions and listening to their ideas.

•Be open to feedback, advice, suggestions and ideas from them.

•Let them know often that you see them and how amazing they are. Give lots of verbal praise about everything they do and know.

•Ask them to help you and give your advice on a project and them take it, and keep giving them credit for how much you helped them. They would eat this experience up.

•Understand they are not highly social and don’t crave social time. Allow them to stay home when you can.  They may even have social anxiety.

•Give them time to research A LOT before they make a purchase. They want to make sure you don’t regret a decision. This may seem excessive, but trust them that research pays off.

•They appreciate dates that are frugal and thought through.

•Accept them as they are

What not to do...

•Don’t waste money.

•Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will push back and want their way and no one will win in a power struggle.

•Rectangles are quick to say what they think and this can offend and bother other people, so you must watch for this behavior and not get offended easily. Have thick skin.

•Don’t mess up their systems. They need their organization as it is.

•Don’t be surprised when they would rather stay at home than go out. Make a deal and strike a balance if you are a social shape.

•Don’t push them to make a decision before they are ready.

•Don’t push them to go to a party or social event if they don’t feel up to it.

•Don’t be inconsiderate, dishonest or disloyal. They would rather hear the truth, even if it might make them feel bad.

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