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How to date a Rhombus


Relationship Hack

Ask the Rhombus what tasks you could help with or take off their plate, that they would actually trust you to do right. Then do it exactly the way they want it done.  They also need lots of physical affection and sex to feel safe and happy.

What makes them tick...

They value:

•Being the #1 at whatever they do

•Having things taken care of

•Having people do their jobs right

•Being hard working and successful

•Appearance and looking good

•A ”To Do” list that is all done


•Self motivation

•Quality things that are worth the money

•Being appreciated for what they do

•Money and achievement

•Being smart and capable

•People who are dependable and capable

What to do...

•Appreciate their hard work and what they provide.

•Be open to feedback, advice, suggestions and ideas from them. Don’t be offended by this, be grateful.

•Let them know often that you see them and how amazing they are. Give lots of verbal praise about everything they do specifically.

•Do chores around the house often and in the way they want them done.

•Understand the immense pressure they are under all the time. It is hard to live with the amount of drive they do every day.

•Be affectionate and interested in lots of intimacy.

•If you make a mistake own it, accept responsibility and show they how you are going to do better next time.

•Be weak and insecure, needy or clingy.

•Look your best. Take the time and make the effort to look good. They appreciate this.

•Accept them as they are

What not to do...

•Don’t make them feel second place. They want to be the number 1 most important things in your world.

•Clean up after yourself and do it right.

•Be on time and organized - as much as you can.

•Don’t make excuses and shirk owning responsibility for what you do. They will respect you more if you own your mistakes, say you’re sorry and that you will make it up to them. Making restitution is the only way for them to recover from the loss and let it go and forgive you.

•Be honest even if it would upset them. They would rather hear the truth than be lied to.

•Rhombuses are quick to say what they think and this can offend and bother other people, so you must watch for this behavior and not get offended easily. Have thick skin.

•Emasculate them or make them feel unwanted or unappreciated.

•Drop the ball and forget or just not do what you were responsible for doing.

•Be dumb and not think before you act. They expect you to use your brain and think before you do things. Again, just own it if you didn’t and promise to do better next time.

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