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What to know about dating an Octagon


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Relationship Hack

Go to them often for advice or just ask their opinions and listen to them. Tell them how amazing, wise, unique and special they are. Give them lots of physical affection – and they will love it.

What makes them tick...

They value:

•Connection with people


•Spiritual gifts, intuition and they capacity for knowing things others don’t

•Knowledge and learning

•The chance to teach and advise others

•Mystical, magical connections

•People who see them accurately

•Making a difference on the planet

•Money, success, and achievement

•People who are open minded & smart

What to do...

•Spend lots of time asking questions and listening to their ideas and what they are learning.

•Be open to feedback, advice, suggestions and ideas from them.

•Let them know often that you see them and how amazing they are. Give lots of verbal praise.

•Octagons are very sensual and sexual beings and they thrive with lots of affection and connection in this way.

•Ask them to help you and give your advice on a project and them take it, and keep giving them credit for how much you helped them. They would eat this experience up.

•If they have a victim story, validate that story and tell them how amazing they are in rising out and above it.

•Plan dates around romance, connection and closeness. They like passionate dates.

•Accept them as they are

What not to do...

•Don’t make them feel second place. They want to be the number 1 most important things in your world.

•Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will push back and want their way and no one will win in a power struggle.

•When they get offended or bothered by something you did, own it and say you’re sorry and that you will make it up to them. Making restitution is the only way for them to recover from the loss and let it go and forgive you.

•Be honest even if it would upset them. They would rather hear the truth than be lied to, even if it hurts.

•Don’t expect fights or misunderstandings to be fixed fast. Octagons are long communicators and they will want to talk things through for a long time, before they feel better.

•Octagons are quick to say what they think and this can offend and bother other people, so you both must watch for this behavior and not get offended easily. Have thick skin.

•Don’t forget to think about what they might want or need. They are super thoughtful people and will expect you to do the same.

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