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How to date a Oval

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Relationship Hack

Tell them constantly how amazing they are, especially at what they do.  Go over-board with verbal validation and appreciation for all they do for you.  Make sure you notice and include them everywhere.

What makes them tick...

They value:

•Getting tasks done

•Pleasing others

•Validation and reassurance


•Learning new things

•Fun projects

•Positivity and acceptance of others

•Working fast and efficiently

•Not being judged or criticized

•Feeling included, seen and loved

What to do...

•Verbal validation as mentioned above.

•Give them space and time to do their work and projects.  Make sure they feel supported and encouraged in whatever their interests are.

•Be compassionate and open to people who do things differently than you would. Ovals are accepting of all people and will like you to be also.

•Be quick to forgive and very slow to argue or fight. Ovals hate confrontation and will run or fall apart.

•Be patient with their lack of communication - they are not super good at it. If you are a very communicative shape and talk a lot, this might bother you.  But it is just how Ovals are wired. They are shy and quieter than most people

•Accept them as they are.

What not to do...

Don’t insist on being right all the time, Ovals are open to learning and are very teachable, but if you have ego and always insist on seeing your way as right, this will turn them off.

•Don’t be critical and judgmental, but not just of them. If you are critical and judgmental of other people, things, ideas, systems, or anything, it will turn an Oval off.  They can see reasons that justify how things might be okay as they are.

•Ovals are very open, optimistic, easy-going, compassionate, and able to see things from many different perspectives. They struggle with highly opinionated or judgmental partners.

•Don’t be a know it all or too opinionated. Ovals won’t tell you they disagree, but they will be bothered by the behavior, and they are highly likely to just pull away from you.

•Don’t have super long fights or conversations. Ovals are short communicators and they can only handle it in short doses. If you have long drawn out emotional, or upsetting conversations, the relationship won’t last.

•Don’t be overly critical or talk down to them. Don’t treat them like a child or as less important than you.

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