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Welcome to the Exclusive 12 Shapes Community

A Certified  12 SHAPES  Facilitator/Coach

Coach Jessaca Lemon

Professional Relationship Coach

Please call or email Jessaca for a Free 20 minute consultation



Jessaca is a Professional Life Coach that helps struggling couples who are looking for a better connection and healthier relationship. She helps couples get to a place where they feel safe with one another, leading to a more rich and fulfilling relationship.


Jessaca's unique experiences and training have taught her the importance of human connection and that self-improvement is a prerequisite for healthy connections. She trains couples to:


* Experience more intimate connections and love by getting out of fear

* Clean up their subconscious

* Understand one another's fears and values

* Learn how to help their partner feel Safe and Valued 

* Learn healthy, respectful and effective communication skills

* Live in the present with gratitude

* Discover Personal Motivation

* Understand and use Love-Motivated Behavior, free of fear and drama

* Forgive and get past disappointment 


Jessaca has been there for me when I needed to talk and tries to help me find ways to deal with whatever I’m going through. She pushes me to better myself and cheers me on when I have my rough days. You would never know if she was having a trial in life because no matter what she is going through she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is the most thoughtful person I know. She is very observant and can tell when someone is down. She cares about people’s feelings and is always looking for ways to cheer someone up or make them smile.”

 - Caitlin Atwood


“Jessaca Lemon is warm, lighthearted, respectful, and uplifting. Her listening skills make her not only easy to converse with but enjoyable too. Her insight feels driven with experience and trust. She exudes passion for personal growth for both parties. Her observations are non judgmental but cultivate positive results. Her compassion leads to helpful encouragement.”

 - Jena Anderson



“When I met Jessaca I instantly noticed her radiating positivity! She is always willing to do anything to make life easier for those around her. I always feel like I can talk to her and she actively listens and gives nonjudgmental comfort and advice. It is easy to feel comfortable in her presence and her positive attitude leaves you feeling happier. Jessaca works hard and is a natural at sharing her happiness. People like her are a rarity.”

 -Tycia Winters


“Jessaca is a physically beautiful person, but she never seeks to draw attention to herself. Her true beauty radiates from within. She is confident, but unassuming.  She possesses an easy rapport with people, and people respond positively to her. It is easy to feel comfortable in  Jessaca’s presence. She is humble, and puts people at ease with her accepting and inclusive interactions. She is patient and encouraging, focusing on positive responses, even in the midst of negativity.   She does not jump to conclusions or judgements about other people. She does not correct or criticize. I  have shared personal experiences with her, and I felt that she was genuinely concerned about my well-being and feelings. Her kindness is intrinsic, as is her disposition of contentment and gratitude.  Jessaca is nurturing, and demonstrates her affection to others verbally, tactilely, and with a cheerful countenance.  She has a quiet demeanor, and her voice remains consistently calm, even during times of agitation. Jessaca has an obvious affection for people, connects easily with others, and truly has a  caring and loving character.    With her quiet and gentle ways, Jessaca touches lives.”

 -Tamra Jones



“Jessaca Lemon is above all a compassionate listener. She pays attention to details in my life and has provided wonderful insights from her unique perspective that have helped me identify challenges and overcome them. She takes the time to ask important questions and helps me analyze the foundations of my plans. She helps me feel confident that my decisions are on solid ground. I highly recommend Jessaca in her life coaching endeavors. She has always been and I trust will continue to be a supportive and incredibly intuitive friend and confidant.”

-Sharman Seely 


“Jessaca is a very happy and positive person that very naturally inspires people to want to be better.  When I am around Jessaca and talking with her, I feel and know that she sincerely cares about me and others and truly wants me and others to be happy, and recognize our great worth.  She is also very wise and is able to explain things and relate things to my life and situation that makes it easy to understand.  Thank you for being so inspiring by your great example of hard work, faith, and sincere love and concern!”

-Jeremy Hodson

"Jessaca has been a truly inspirational influence in my life and I cannot highly recommend her enough as a life coach.  In the years I have known Jessaca, she has helped guide me through many challenging life experiences.  From the daily challenges of life, to marriage, divorce and the loss of loved ones; Jessaca is well equipped to offer sound guidance.  She uses her formal education mixed with her own personal life experiences to help me find the answers that I struggle to find on my own.  Jessaca is loving, compassionate and empathetic.  She understands how to help others solve problems by giving thoughtful feedback and using radical candor to cut through the nonsense and help drive real change in my life."

- Andrea Kauffman

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Lives and works in Utah

(phone or skype too)


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