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Squares are amazing people who bring commitment to morals, principles, caring, responsibility, and correctness to the world. They are strong and dedicated to their families and people. They are polygonal and highly value Concepts, People and relationships, and Tasks/Things. They are incredible people who always try to do things right. They are loyal, honest, and hard working. They are often people who have been through hard things in life and come out on top. They can be stoic and determined, but also a little controlling and like things their way. Their magic lies in their virtuousness. They want to do things right and they’d like the rest of us to get with the program and do the same. They are rule followers and often try to get the rest of humanity to follow suit.

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What they value and fear

Squares have a lot of fear of loss around control, rule breaking, and behaviors that are inconsiderate to others. They fear looking bad and they fear being hurt, betrayed, or mistreated. They have often been hurt in the past and can hold onto grudges or resentment for a long time. Many Squares have had a hard life, and some have become Squares through trauma. They can be quick to get fear triggered, defensive, and angry. They are Polygonal Shapes and value Concepts, systems, right and wrong, and ideas first, then People and Tasks/Things. But you must remember they overvalue all of these and care a great deal about them all being right.

Squares also fear letting people down, and they work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. They are hardworking, sacrificing, caring, responsible people. They may even be responsible to a fault and forget to take care of themselves.

They highly value ideas, principles, morals, integrity, and things done right. They get upset when people are irresponsible or inconsiderate.

They value family time and family memories. They value money and like to have nice things, and the ability to buy what they want. They value loyalty and usually have old school values. They can get bothered by young people today and their unconventionality. They can be critical and judgmental of others, especially those that break the rules or behave-badly.

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What you need to know:

Squares have a strong moral and ethical compass. They feel strongly there is a right and a wrong way to do everything. They are very attached to their idea of what is right. You will need to allow them to have control over as many things as possible. Control makes them feel safe in the world. You will need to have strong boundaries for things you don’t want their input on. You will need to be strong enough to push back and hold them accountable if they are too controlling or critical. Do not allow them to abuse you or make you feel inadequate. They are moral people and want to treat others right, so focus on helping them see that control and criticism hurts others.

Have thick skin and don’t take their suggestions, advice, and criticism personally. They just want everything to be at its best, most efficient, and correct. They need things right to feel safe. When they make comments about things that are wrong, laugh and say to yourself, they are just Squares and this way. Do not fight with them, you probably won’t win. Understand this amazing, upright, moral, person is always trying to be a good person and do right.

What to do in relationship

Squares are loyal, responsible, caring people in relationships. Squares are givers and will serve those they love and care for them. Squares tend to like control, to feel safe, and they will appreciate you letting them have things their way as often as possible. This can bother some other Shapes, who either also like control or hate being controlled. Squares can be picky about the right way to do things and can get bothered when you do things wrong. Try your best to do things their way.

They can be long communicators and can talk for a long time about things they care about. Some Shapes can get tired of listening to all they have to say. But, listening to them is a love language and means a lot to them. They want you to be interested in everything they think. Listening to them shows them you care. They also have quality time and acts of service. Squares also appreciate hard work and a willingness to jump in and work with them.

Squares want to feel appreciated for all they do, and they need to feel seen and heard. They are so loyal and caring though, they will often do thankless work and keep going even if no one appreciates them. They are survivors and often martyrs. They will fall on the sword and do the work no one else will do. They are tireless workers and overly responsible. They will carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and keep going. They can be loyal to a fault and even stay in relationships where they aren’t happy forever. They are willing to do this, where other Shapes would leave.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t get offended easily. If they are critical and judgmental of you, other people, things, ideas, or systems, understand this isn’t personal. It is about wanting things right for everyone’s benefit. They often come across as critical when they were only trying to help.

Don’t be surprised if they have long fights and long-drawn-out conversations. They have a hard time ignoring problems and they struggle with forgiving and can hold a grudge for decades. It takes a lot for them to forgive and let things go. They need to see you taking responsibly and owning the mistake before they can forgive.

Don’t be careless. Pay attention, think through decisions, and do things with care. Don’t be dishonest, disloyal, or betray their trust. Just tell them the truth no matter how bad it might be. Don’t treat other people with disrespect or break rules (either social or literal). Squares believe things go better if everyone just keeps the rules. Don’t be irresponsible and lazy. They really disrespect these behaviors. Don’t talk about something or have strong opinions on it if you haven’t done your homework first. Squares will clobber you with their facts and knowledge. They usually win any debate and can have a sharp tongue.

Raising a young Square

Be prepared for a lot of conversations about things not being fair. They could have a victim mentality and feel picked on or mistreated often. They could be very stubborn, opinionated, and obsessed with things being right or fair. You would serve them to start young teaching them to not complain, be happy and grateful for what they get, and not suffer loss. They must let it go if things aren’t fair. They need to learn how to choose good behavior when you aren’t happy.

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  • Diamonds

  • Ovals

  • Crosses

  • Rectangles

  • They do well with other Shapes that value Concepts because they have someone to have long conversations with, who can handle debates with them. They do well with Ovals because the Oval is obedient, moral, and will do things their way. They can have good relationships with other Shapes if they stay balanced and allow others to be different.

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In the Workplace

Squares are great project people. They love to create systems to accomplish a purpose and are very good at this. They have a mind for logistics and processes. They are effective leaders and problem solvers. However, they can have a lot of attachment to things being done their way. They could be inflexible and hard to work with at times. When valued and acknowledged for their strengths, they can be good team players who are reliable and consistent. They will ensure they do what is needed to get the job done. They excel in leadership and supervision and are also gifted and talented teachers. Squares find fulfillment in teaching others. Their patience and ability to lead the way while imparting knowledge is stronger than any other Shape.

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  • Military

  • Law Enforcement

  • Teaching

  • Running offices or businesses

  • HR

  • Logistics

  • Administration

  • Running systems or processes

  • Jobs with detail-oriented work that requires discipline, responsibility, organization, integrity, rule following, honesty, and compliance.

  • They are not as good in positions where empathy, flexibility, creativity, compassion, open mindedness, and being easy going are needed.

  • Squares are amazing at developing systems, rules, and procedures. If you need someone to tackle that kind of project, always hire a Square. They also like positions where they can enforce rules on other people, like the DMV, school librarians and county clerks.

Things they must work on

It is not being critical, complaining, and making suggestions about how things can be better. They need to just allow people to be wrong and do things wrong. It will drive them crazy, but if they want healthy relationships they must give advice less, and be less helpful. Squares need to learn to manage their feelings of loss from their past and forgive. They cannot get balanced and have a truly happy life until they become more forgiving and let the past go.

To find contentment in relationships, Squares often need to let go of their unwritten and unspoken expectations, which they have about everything. Often Squares can feel a great deal of frustration, grief, sadness, and disappointment if their expectations are not met. This unfair projection of their expectations onto others, often causes difficulty in relationships. If the Square is a parent, they must be cautious of being too hard on their children and making them feel they can never be good enough. They are only trying to help, but their constant reminders, suggestions, advice, and feedback can make their children feel like failures all the time.

Unbalanced Squares often dig in on their opinion about something and find it difficult to be open to new ideas. They need to be open to the possibility they are wrong and there is another perspective they haven’t considered. They need work on building good connections and relationships with the people in their lives and letting go of control.

How to recognize one:

They usually don’t care about fashion and wear very conventional clothes. Their priority is always their family. They sometimes struggle with weight or have larger frames. They are highly opinionated about almost everything and notice what is wrong.

Famous People This Shape

Leonardo DiCaprio

Shaquille O'Neal

Harrison Ford

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