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Stars are amazing people who bring passion, charisma, creativity, and beauty to the world. They are so interesting, charming, fashionable, and talented, they have much to offer. Stars almost always stand out in a room. They highly value attention, appreciation, nice things and looking their best. Their magic lies in their creativity, hospitality, and fun. They love hosting parties and being the center of attention. They are beautiful, artistic, creative and love playing with color, fabrics, make-up, flowers, and design. They love to share their ideas and creations with others. Stars are spicy, fun, flamboyant, sexy, and daring. They will often wear things no other Shape would wear.

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What they value and fear

It is important to understand their fears because they drive a great deal of their behavior. Stars fear not being loved or not having people like them. They fear looking bad or stupid. This can stop them from trying things and taking risks. They can also suffer from some fear of loss due to being mistreated or disregarded. They can fear losing money or things too. But their greatest fears are abandonment, being unwanted, or rejected. They need to feel loved and adored by their people to feel safe in the world. Their love languages are gifts and physical affection.

The most important things to know about Stars is they are usually fear of failure dominant and will get fear triggered if they feel mistreated, unwanted, criticized, or betrayed. They are hard on themselves and feel they must be perfect to deserve love. At times, they prefer to stay home and away from people where they are comfortable and safe, but they also love being social and having lots of connection with others.

Star’s highly value art, creativity, and beautiful things. They value friendships and relationships with people who show up for them and reciprocate their generosity and attention. They are very generous and love giving gifts. They value popularity and love people who ‘get them’ and love spending time with groups of friends.

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What you need to know:

Stars are unique, shiny, magical people, who bring beauty, love, creativity, and fun to the world. You just must allow them to be who they are and appreciate their unique magic.


Be patient and willing to listen to their thoughts and feelings if they are unbalanced, even if they are more emotional than logical. Don’t be quick to fix anything or give advice. They need you to validate their right to experience their emotions, even if you think they are overly dramatic. Once they feel heard and validated and can express their feelings, they will be more open to your ideas for fixing the situation.

Stars are willing to learn and improve to make a relationship better, but they need lots of positive validation before you give any criticism. If you get frustrated with their lack of discipline or follow-through, find out what’s going on in their personal life and with their mental health. See if they need some added support or someone to talk to.

What to do in relationship

Give them lots of quality time, attention and gifts. They need to know they are the moon and stars to you. They thrive on attention and feeling loved and adored.

Expect they will be dramatic and moody on occasion. They feel things deeply and it’s always going to be how they are wired. Allow the Star to be as they are and be perfect that way. Give them lots of attention and never make them feel like they are less valuable, because they aren’t highly disciplined or motivated to do things they don’t like doing.

Keep in mind that they love beautiful things. Bringing home gifts is always a win with a Star. Understand they need to feel beautiful and experience beauty around them. They care a lot about their home and things. They may spend a lot of time, effort, and money on clothes, hair, etc. but they need these things to feel safe in the world. Give them lots of attention, affection, and be their greatest fan and supporter. Love spending time with them, taking them out to do things they enjoy, and making them feel important and loved.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t be critical or judgmental of them. Don’t hurry them or expect them to be on time or early to anything. Don’t expect them to dress conservatively. They like to be seen and noticed. Don’t have long fights, talk down to them, or treat them like a child. Don’t make them feel less intelligent than you.

Don’t take moodiness on a bad day personally. Give them some time and space to rest, lots of validation and reassurance and they will get back to themselves quickly. Don’t leave them out or forget to invite them to things. It means a lot to them to be included and wanted.

Raising a young Star

Young Stars are little Divas and expect to be the star of the show every day. Give them lots of attention and chances to shine. Stars are so beautiful though they need you to remind them often about their other gifts and that they have lots to offer besides their appearance. Remind them of their talents and point out their qualities, generosity, kindness, intelligence, etc. so they know ‘who they are’ is not tied to how they look alone.

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  • Rhombuses

  • Octagons

  • Circles

  • Ovals

Stars go well with Rhombuses and Octagons because they share the same value system around nice things and appearances. They are therefore often attracted to each other and are very sexually compatible. They go well with Circles and Ovals because they are social, good natured and love affection, and they both are social and care about people. They can have healthy relationships with other shapes if they allow and honor their differences.


Stars can end up in abusive relationships and get stuck there on occasion. They can be too dependent and not have the financial means to leave an unhealthy relationship. It is important that they are careful choosing a partner and make sure they are treated appropriately or have the courage to leave or enforce boundaries.

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In the Workplace

They can be loyal, friendly, good employees, especially if they feel appreciated, needed, and successful at the job. Because of their appearance, they can be underestimated and unfairly labeled as unintelligent, but this isn’t the truth. They are smart, capable, good networkers, and they have hearts of gold. They will often surprise people with their intelligence, work ethic, and heart.

Stars want to please and meet expectations. They need lots of validation and encouragement though. The one problem is that in a fear state they can allow personal problems, drama, and emotions to get in the way. If they are struggling emotionally, they just don’t have much to give at work. They sometimes need mental health days and time to deal with personal issues. If this happens, they need to be held accountable and understand the expectations and their responsibilities.

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  • Models

  • Actresses or Actors

  • Music or TV

  • Artists

  • Social media influencers

  • Fashion careers

  • Hairdressers or Nails

  • Spokespeople

  • Public relations

  • Dancers

  • News Anchorperson

  • Jobs that require charisma, poise, beauty, generosity, social skills, creativity, artistic flair, and talking or listening to others.

  • They are not as good in positions where discipline, analysis of data, strict adherence to policies, rules, and schedules, independence, problem solving, organization and systemic thinking are needed.

Things they must work on

Stars need work on their self-esteem and trusting in their unchanging value to quiet their fear of failure. They need to work on being needy for attention and learn to meet their own needs. They need to work on not gossiping and judging others, and they do great with a good therapist or coach to talk things through with. They need to learn how to manage emotions and process problems to find solutions without drama. They sometimes need help with budgeting and managing the boring tasks they really hate doing.

How to recognize one:

They stand out and tend to draw attention. They dress up and love to sparkle. They are often the most beautiful person in the room, because they put work into their style and look. They can be unique and where things few other Shapes would.

Famous People This Shape

Kim Kardashian

Brittney Spears


Lady Gaga

Johnny Depp

Elton John

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