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Triangles are amazing people who bring creativity and intelligence to the world. They are strong and dedicated. They highly value concepts and ideas, science, learning, saving money, and inventing things. They can get so focused on their ideas and creations though they can forget to make people important enough.

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What they value and fear

Triangles have some fear around not achieving their goals, having ideas rejected, not being recognized, and not having the time they need to work. They are Fear of Loss dominant and fear loss of time and things. They are afraid to get rid of things because they might need them some day and can even be hoarders. They get fear triggered when they feel attacked, misunderstood, or taken from.

The most important things to know about Triangles is they highly value time to pursue their interests, hobbies, and work. They value conversation with other intelligent people, who can speak their language. They are fun, quirky, and interesting people. Their magic lies in their intelligence and abilities to understand complex concepts and build things. Most of the things we enjoy were created by a Triangle. They highly value learning and ideas. They can’t learn enough, and they love to build things with their hands. They are often messy and disorganized, but they also know where everything is. Don’t move or get rid of their things.

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What you need to know:

You already know about the brain capacity Triangles have. The genius in their mind is just so consuming it can take some work to get their attention. Their ability to create new ideas is second to none, but they aren’t as good with people.

Sometimes Triangles can struggle in social situations. They can often be awkward and not read the emotions of others well. They can appear a little cold. They aren’t though, they are just very active in their mind and have little time for mundane conversation.

Triangles can sometimes have obsessive behavior. They often need structure and routine, or they can be completely oblivious to time and get lost in a project. They also may not like you touching their things. They have fear of loss about their things, so they can be over-protective. They can be sensitive and reactive, often because they are deep in thought and forget about the realities of what is around them. These are things you must get used to and accept, because it’s just the way they are wired.

What to do in relationship

Triangles love their friends and family, but they have a strong drive to work and sometimes it may feel work is more important than you are. They also might be difficult to argue with. They aren’t good at seeing others point of view or showing sympathy. They are so logical and practical they are best at fixing things not dealing with people. This is how they are wired though, and you must learn to love them as they are. They are smart and teachable though and can learn to meet your needs if you explain it to them well and are specific about what you want them to do.

They are not great listeners and especially struggle if it’s small talk or it’s things they find useless or boring. They aren’t the best person to come to when you need a shoulder to cry on. But they will try if you explain what you need up front and tell them not to try to fix it, just listen.

You will need to be patient with their messes and give them space to have at least a workshop where they can have the freedom to have things their way.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t be surprised if they look like they just got out of bed or have clothes on wrong. It’s a Triangle thing, get over it. They are quirky dressers and sometimes won’t match or wear clothes that make sense. Don’t waste money. Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will push back and want their way, and no one will win in a power struggle.

Don’t get offended easy. Triangles are quick to speak their mind, and this can offend. Have thick skin. They can also be hard to understand and communicate with. Don’t expect them to be able to communicate the way you do. They are too intelligent and think differently.

Don’t mess up their systems. It might look like a mess, but they know where everything is. Don’t be surprised when they would rather stay at home than go out. Make a deal and strike a balance if you are a social shape. Don’t expect them to be like you or anyone else. Triangles are unique and quirky, and you must love them as they are.

Raising a young Triangle

Work with them on learning social skills and how to get along with others. They are often a little solitary and prefer to play next to someone over playing with them. They often have specific interests they like to dive deep and learn all about. Support them in these interests, but help them to be more well rounded too. These children are often so smart they have trouble relating to other children. Try to find other Triangles to be friends with.

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  • Hearts

  • Ovals

  • Squares

  • Rectangles

  • These people need a partner, who doesn’t care about appearances and is slightly messy. Who also don’t need too much attention and can allow for the Triangles hobbies and interests.

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In the Workplace

Triangles are dedicated workers especially if they are working at something that interests them and works with their passions. They can get bored if not in a job with challenges that makes them learn and stretch. If it’s too easy, it will be boring to them. They work best on their own and struggle with a team. They are not the best at leading other people, because their people skills are not the best. They sometimes need some training on management before they are ready to take it on. They are so smart they can learn most of the skills. They must just have trouble with empathy and understanding other’s feelings. It’s just not their strong suit.

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  • Scientists

  • Inventors

  • Product developers

  • Mathematics

  • Coding

  • Engineering

  • Any work that requires science, math, physics, complex concepts or building or repairing things.

  • They are not as good in positions where empathy, compassion, caring, listening, working with a team, collaboration or making concepts simple is needed.

  • Triangles contribute a lot to the planet through their inventions and creativity. They are often writers, composers, researchers, and people who love technology They are experts in their fields, and they love what they do. But they can be messy. and they can be hoarders at some level. This comes with the genius.

Things they must work on

They must work on their people skills and their compassion or bedside manner. They just understand science more than they get people. They need to learn what behaviors are socially acceptable and needed, and learn to do them, as a procedure, since it won’t come naturally. They need to work on managing their time and making time for relationships. They need to work on keeping things clean and organized and on wearing clothes that put forth a better impression on others.

How to recognize one:

They are usually easy to spot by their attire. They just don’t care enough to put much thought or effort into clothes. They are often wearing things that don’t make sense or are quirky. They are hard to have conversations with because they jump around or are too intelligent. They often miss social cues and have no filter.

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