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Welcome to the Exclusive 12 Shapes Community

A Certified  12 SHAPES  Facilitator/Coach

Coach Wendy James

Professional Relationship Coach

Wendy specializes in helping people who feel overcome by feelings of failure and low self-worth attain a new perspective and lease on life.

·       Have you ever felt like you aren’t good enough?

·       Have you ever felt like no matter what you do you come up short?

·       Do you long to be happy and make things better but don’t know

        where to start?

Wendy will give you the tools necessary to help you see your life and experiences in a totally new way.  


She is an empathetic and caring listener and has an ability to ask just the right questions to help you to see what has really been holding you back.  She will help you make lasting changes and will be your biggest cheerleader as you move forward with a totally new way of seeing everything about your life!

In addition to being a certified ClarityPoint coach, Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies. She is passionate about all things psychology and personal development and is constantly pursuing more knowledge to help both herself and her clients. A compassionate and empathetic listener, Wendy will create a safe space for you to explore your feelings and offer you real tools to help you make valuable changes.


Wendy is an amazing person who has fought a hard battle herself with fear of not being good enough. She knows the way out and will help you get there. Without the fear of not being enough hanging over you - you will get yourself and your life back!"

-Kim Giles


Wendy's ability to connect with people, and the ease with which she recognizes the potential in others, quickly inspires trust. She is a sincere and focused listener, and always makes me feel that what I am saying is important to her.  I appreciate that Wendy doesn’t try to solve my problems for me, but asks questions, or reviews what I have said to help me see the answers for myself. Talking with her always leaves me feeling directed… filled with hope! 

- Rebekah M.

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Wendy James






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