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Arrows are amazing people who bring passion, drive, intelligence, motivation, and work ethic to the world. They are interesting, athletic, adventurous, and great problem solvers. Arrows highly value achievement, challenges, hard work, freedom, and independence. They are kind and caring but they can get so focused on tasks and adventures, they forget to make people important sometimes. Their magic lies in their amazing work ethic, creativity, and drive to accomplish and create things. They can be socially awkward at times and love their time alone. They are highly efficient with their time and struggle with patience. If you need a job done quickly, always ask an Arrow.

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What they value and fear

It is important to know a person’s fears because they drive a large part of their behavior. Arrows are fear of failure dominant and have some serious fear of not being good enough. They fear being judged and criticized. They fear criticism and rejection. They fear not being financially successful, though they usually are. They are hard on themselves and often people please and can fail to enforce boundaries.


The most important things to know about Arrows is they are fast paced, super workers, who get more done and faster than any other Shape. They are not highly detail oriented though and will not always take the time to make things perfect. They sometimes rush through a job and just get it good enough. They aren’t highly systemic and are open-minded, and innovative. Their biggest fault is they can be too independent and not value their relationships enough. They tend to have avoidant attachment style and can end up alone.

Arrows hate being bored, and they sometimes have trouble sitting still and relaxing. They would rather work. They are great idea people, and they love challenges and creative problem solving. They value money and are great savers. They are usually athletic and love adventure and sports. They love to travel and explore new places.

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What you need to know:

It is important to know that a sense of balance and emotional stability comes from time alone and exercise for an Arrow. Many Arrows have a need to withdraw and fill up their cup alone with exercising, reading, working or just being alone, to recoup from life. You must understand this and support them in their activities. Arrows highly value their friends and family, but they need to complete tasks and accomplish things that excite them to feel fulfilled. They need time and space to work and not feel guilty for needing to get things done.

Arrows are sometimes mistaken for being unfriendly, because they can come off as disconnected. They get very hurt if they are constantly criticized for this. They want to be present for you, they are just wired for work.

They hate being bored and are often impatient. They appreciate when you are on time and don’t leave them waiting. They often have a great sense of duty, responsibility, and drive, to make their mark on the world and create impact. You will often find them involved in non-profit activities and setting up businesses that make a difference in the world. They love support for their great ideas.

What to do in relationship

If you start to feel their work is more important than you are, just get their attention and give them some validation for everything you appreciate they do. Then, ask if they’d be willing to make some changes to make sure both your needs are met.

Arrows need lots of verbal validation and praise as it quiets their fear of failure. Make sure you tell them often how amazing and brilliant they are and that you are amazed by all they do. Shower them with verbal validation as much as you can, and they will adore you. If you have negative feedback, approach them gently with lots of positive appreciation first, then explain that you have some needs and wondered if they would be willing to make a change moving forward. Do this without making them feel like they aren’t good enough. Remind them how loving and caring they really are. Encouraging them to see the loving traits inside them works better than anger.

Remember, they are short communicators so try to get to the point and give them the tasks or behaviors you want changed quickly. They will see improvement as a task. They just want to know what to do different, don’t dwell on it or make it a long-drawn-out discussion. That just overwhelms and frustrates them. Just focus on doing because that is their language. Tell them what behavior to change and what to do differently and they will.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t insist on being right all the time. Arrows are open to learning and are very teachable, but if you have ego and always insist being right, this will turn them off.Don’t smother them with too much talking and demands on their time. Don’t flood them with text messages or call them too often. Make them miss you a little.

Don’t be critical and judgmental of anyone. If you are critical and judgmental of other people, things, ideas, systems, or anything, it will turn an Arrow off. Make sure you aren’t critical, correcting, or controlling of them, they run from these behaviors.

Don’t have long fights or conversations. Arrows are short communicators, and they can only handle conflict in short doses. If you have long drawn out emotional, or upsetting conversations, the relationship may not work. They aren’t happy with drama nor fighting. Don’t be offended if they don’t want to talk today. They need space and to feel free and do their own thing.

If you are romantically interested in an Arrow, remember they are prone to dismissive avoidant attachment style and would rather focus on being friends first. An Arrow must know the relationship works at a friendship level before they will want romance.

Raising a young Arrow

They are sometimes bored with school because it doesn’t challenge or interest them. Arrows will work hard on something they are interested in. Let them start a business young, or find hobbies, sports, or activities that light them up. They need to be challenged or they will get bored. If school is too boring, allow them to do online school, finish at their pace (which will be fast) and start college or working on a business. They are brilliant problem solvers and highly capable if you can capture their interest and light their fire. They are often the gifted talented kids that drop out, or the ones struggling in school because they find it too stupid to waste their time on..

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  • Other Arrows

  • Ovals

  • Circles

  • Rectangles.

These Shapes are also fear of failure dominant, so they are easy on each other. Rectangles share the Arrows need for independence and time alone. Circles and Arrows love adventures together. They can have healthy relationships with the other Shapes if both are willing to allow them their differences without making them feel wrong or less.

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In the Workplace

They are mostly balanced people who are fair, practical, logical, and considerate, so they make great leaders and employees. They are good with money and usually make lots of it. They are resourceful but can struggle to delegate and receive help from others, as they are used to getting things done and making things happen alone. They aren’t good on a team because they feel that other people slow them down.

Arrows are not perfectionists. Near enough is good enough, as their focus is on productivity not perfection. Therefore, having a team around them checking and double checking their work is essential, because small details can be missed. Give them a delivery date though, and they will have it done on time, if not early. But you might need a detail- oriented person to check for typos.

They get bored with projects quickly as soon as the challenge is met. They may need to change and find another challenge to feel satisfied. Try to keep them engaged with new goals where they can use their problem-solving abilities. There is no problem they can’t solve.

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  • CEOS

  • Lawyers

  • Emergency Management

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Directors

  • Businesspeople

  • Sports Coaches

  • Journalists

  • Self-Employed

  • Jobs where they can have autonomy, work independently or be the boss. They don’t like being controlled or micro-managed at all.

  • Jobs that require independence, speed, efficiency, getting a lot done quickly, easy-going, creativity, and hard work.

  • They are not as good in positions when teamwork, following instructions, or rules, honoring authority, patience, and networking are needed.

Things they must work on

They must work on being present and paying attention to other people and their relationships. They must invest in their friendships, be more caring and listen to others better. They must learn to be vulnerable, listen to understand, not to fix or give solutions. They are such problem solvers they are quick to offer advice or help, when validation for your feelings is what is needed. Because Arrows are always problem solving and having ideas, their brain is often not present. This is how they are wired, and it serves their genius, just not their relationships. They must work on being more thoughtful, helpful, and aware.

How to recognize one:

They are usually people who need a lot of time alone to exercise to stay sane. They are often runners or athletes. They don’t dress to draw attention and they are overly independent.

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