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Circles are amazing people who bring warmth, friendship, adventure, kindness, and spontaneity to the world. They are easy going, friendly, kind, and communicative, and have so much to offer, they often light up every room they walk into. They are highly social people, who value their relationships and care about treating people right and living life to the fullest. Their magic lies in their warmth, which you can feel the moment you meet them. They can make friends with anyone, are natural connectors, and everyone likes them.

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What they value and fear

It’s important to understand their fears because they drive a great deal of their behavior. Circles have huge fear of failure and fear of abandonment, rejection, and judgment. They can also have some fear of loss around not having people who love them, and they fear being alone and not having time for all the fun things they want to do.

The most important thing to understand about a Circle is that they are most fear triggered by feeling criticized, not good enough, or unwanted. Fear of failure is the thing that gets them out of balance most. They need lots of validation and reassurance in their relationships, so they feel safe. They also need time to be social, make friends, and talk to people. They won’t be happy without lots of this.

Circles overvalue people, relationships, connection, their families, friends, and spending time with people. They don’t love being alone. They overvalue Tasks/Things, but this can show up in many ways. Some Circles love their homes and having nice things, they sometimes collect things, and like to look their best. They dress nice and care about their appearance. They aren’t overly materialistic though and always put people first. They overvalue experiences, and love adventure, getting out and doing things. They aren’t homebodies. They are highly social and are usually on the go. They love being outdoors and in the fresh air. They like new experiences, travel, and exciting activities. They value life and want to live big and do it all.

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What you need to know:

You will always have a caring person you can depend on. But you need to create a safe place for them and encourage them to speak up about things that bother them. Because they hate conflict and are prone to keeping things inside if they would upset people. The problem is Circles will stuff it all down, and then finally explode when they can’t do it anymore, and it can be an epic meltdown. They can have dramatic overblown, fits when they reach their limit, and their behavior can be immature and a little dramatic.

By nature, they are high strung, and have high highs and low lows. They do best when their home life is easy, stable, and they feel adored. This gives them the emotional stability to step out of anxiety and really be productive and contribute to the world and others. Circles love variety, change, and travel. So, be prepared to support them in having adventures, outdoor fun, or doing whatever activities they are interested in. They have a zest for life and want to do and experience as much as they can.

What to do in relationship

Circles are affectionate and sensual beings, and they need a lot of physical intimacy. They also have a strong need for variety. This can mean they change their mind a lot, which could bother some other Shapes. Get used to this. It is just how they are. Play with them, plan adventures, and be excited about getting outside and doing things. They will not be happy with a couch potato.

Be patient with their need to talk to people everywhere they go. This is another trait they will always have, and you need to just appreciate their friendliness. Circles are very easy to get along with and are great in relationships, if things are peaceful, and they get their needs met for sociality and validation. But, if they aren’t getting these things and feel isolated or alone, they can become depressed and unhappy.

They may get discouraged and pull back, or they could get angry and throw fits, at their worst. Circles need lots of validation and attention to feel safe at these times. They need to know they are loved, wanted, and appreciated. If they have overly dramatic reactions to things, meltdowns, or fits, give them some room to vent it out, then offer love, reassurance, and validation. This will help them rebalance. This is part of their wiring to have small freak outs. Just understand this happens and love them through it. They will get over it fast, with love and caring.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t make them feel second place, they want to be the #1 thing in your world. Don’t be judgmental or critical of them or other people. They love people and they won’t like you being unkind or gossiping about anyone. Don’t insist on being right all the time and don’t try to control them. They will often let you, but it will wear on them and eventually they won’t take it anymore.

Don’t be bothered if they message or call you all the time. They hate being alone and they love connecting with their friends and family. They need more attention than other Shapes and it means the world if you will spend time talking to them. It makes them feel safe in the world.

Don’t make them feel isolated, alone, unwanted or abandoned. This is their worst fear. If you make them feel wanted, appreciated, adored, and cared for, they will adore you. Don’t stay home all the time and away from people. Circles need a social life and they need to get out and do things.

Raising a young Circle

They are master negotiators and will talk you to death until they get what they want. They can have dramatic overblown, fits and they just need some love and validation, and they will usually calm back down. Understand that they need lots of physical affection and reassurance they are loved and valued.


For Circles, establishing a base line of acceptable behavior and mature reactions is essential, so that they do not become overwhelmed by their frustrations. By nature, they are high strung, and have high highs and low lows. They do best when their home life is easy, stable, and they feel adored. This gives them the emotional stability to step out of anxiety and really be productive and contribute to the world and others.

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  • Other Circles

  • Arrows

  • Ovals

  • Rectangles

Circles can get along with any Shape, but these are the easiest relationships because they are also fear of failure dominant. These Shapes understand the Circles needs and fears and aren’t as quick to criticize. Arrows and Rectangles are less social, but they share a zest for life and adventure. Circles are so amicable though they can make almost any relationship work.

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In the Workplace

Circles are motivated and want to please at work. They are creative and enthusiastic and create a friendly environment in the workplace. They are innovative and really like change when other people resist it. They are willing to take risks and are always open minded to new ideas. They need freedom and flexibility to do things their own way though. They don’t love structure that is forced upon them.

They are people pleasers so make sure they are telling you the truth, not what you want to hear. They can at times struggle with discipline and follow through, especially if the work doesn’t really excite them. They will avoid conflict and may not speak up about problems. Make sure you praise everything they do well and be gentle with negative feedback or criticism.

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  • Lawyers

  • Salespeople

  • Forest Rangers

  • Outdoor Reaction Guides

  • Teachers

  • Coaches

  • Animal workers

  • Negotiators

  • Speakers

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Jobs where they can use their ability to connect, negotiate, and communicate.

  • Jobs that require caring, adventure, networking, variety, action, friendliness, warmth, fun, connecting, and building relationships.

  • They are not as good in positions where discipline, solitary hours, repetition, disciplining others, pressure, strict deadlines, and high stress are present.

Things they must work on

Circles need to work on loving themselves and trusting their value cannot change, to get their fear of failure under control. They need to learn how to give and receive feedback and have difficult conversations. This will help them to step out of unhealthy relationships, enforce boundaries, and not allow mistreatment. They might also work at being independent and happy when alone and their self-discipline. They need to work on emotional regulation and speaking up while problems are small instead of exploding with everything all at once.


Circles tend to over-give their time and resources. Boundaries and people pleasing are two major issues with them. Circles struggle to be alone, especially when their insecurities stir up and they feel vulnerable. Belonging is very important to a Circle. They may even stay in unhealthy relationships for too long because it’s better than being alone.

How to recognize one

Circles have kind eyes, friendly smiles, and you know instantly this is someone you would be safe to talk with and would be a lot of tun. They are the warmest, friendliest of all the Shapes.

Famous People This Shape

Dwayne Johnson

Selena Gomez

Adam Sandler

Katie Holmes

Jennifer Garner

Drew Barrymore

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