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Diamonds are amazing people who bring organization, drive, precision, motivation, and a love order to the world. They are diligent, disciplined, and multi-talented. Diamonds are polygonal, which means they overvalue everything. They highly value Concepts/systems, Tasks/Things, and People. They are kind and caring but they can get so focused on things that need to be done, they forget to make people important sometimes. They can also be extremely anxious because they care so much about everything being perfect.

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What they value and fear

The most important things to know about Diamonds is they are Polygonal, which means they overvalue everything. They worry, stress, and care a little too much about their relationships, tasks, things, systems, and order being right. They are a trauma Shape, which just means that some people can become Diamonds through trauma.

Diamonds fear failure and loss equally. They must do everything and do it all perfectly to feel safe. Therefore, they experience a lot of stress. Their fear can make them feel they must control their environment and the people in it to be safe. They fear mistakes, being wrong, and negative consequences. Since perfection isn’t achievable, they can be tortured with fear, negative thinking, and worry. Understanding their fears will help you have compassion for how hard it is to be them. They constantly feel unsafe because things aren’t quite perfect. Diamonds are caring and want to have good relationships; they just have a great passion for order and doing things right, and this sometimes feels more important than people. They can be a little too demanding, exacting, and hard to please.

Their magic lies in their ability to do anything well, and in their organizing skills and hard work. They are people who do every job right and won’t sleep until its done. They keep themselves and their homes and offices spotless and neat. This is the first clue to recognizing them.

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What you need to know:

Diamonds make amazing partners, parents, and friends. They are good at everything, clean, organized, and efficient. You will need to understand their need for control is not personal and not about you though. Their lack of trust in you (to do a job right) isn’t personal either. They just have deeply programmed trust issues and are pretty sure they must do everything themselves if they want it right. That might be true too because their standards are high.

Diamonds are the most tortured of all the Shapes when it comes to negative internal dialogue, stress, and pressure. They are often insomniacs and wake at 2am stressing about everything they need to do. They can have strained relationships because they can be hard to please when in a fear state. When they are balanced they are more easy going.

Understand that it is hard to be a Diamond. These people are worried all the time. They are pleasers and trying hard to do everything right. If you must discuss issues and problems with a Diamond, pick one problem for each conversation and keep them brief. Don’t dump a whole load of problems on them at once, they can’t handle that. Give them lots of validation before giving feedback and asking for something different.

What to do in relationship

Diamonds need you to understand about their need for order and control. Help them as much as you can with their tasks and jobs and try to do the tasks up to their standards. Or give them space and time to them on their own.

Don’t feel bad that they can’t give you their attention until the tasks are done, to them it feels like there is no other choice. In their minds work is highly important and not doing it would make them a lazy and irresponsible person. They are trying to be a good person and their intention is to do right by you too. You also matter to them, and it hurts when you say they are failing you. They don’t want you to feel neglected, this is just how they are wired. Be patient with their anxiety and over-thinking and try to have compassion for how hard it is to be them. Be gentle with criticism and make sure you validate all the things they do right before you say anything negative.

If you do a task for them, take the time to do it right. Think it through and make sure you are trying to meet their standard. The Diamond standard is a high one. Give them lots of reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Show them you are responsible and aware. Make them feel they aren’t shouldering all the worry about safety alone. They sometimes feel that the whole world is on their shoulders, and they alone are responsible for everything. They can have some massive meltdowns when this gets too heavy. They need to be reminded they aren’t alone, and you are here with them. Show them you are shouldering the responsibility with them and ask how you can do better to show this.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t get offended too easy. Diamonds are quick to say what they think, and this can offend and bother people. Be willing to hear their advice and opinions on the right way to do everything. They can’t help wanting to give advice. They just want everything at its best and don’t mean to sound critical. When they tell you something is wrong, remember this isn’t about you, it’s about their need for everything to be perfect to feel safe. Don’t take it personally if tasks feel more important than you do. They \care about you, they just feel pressure around tasks not being done.

Don’t mess up their systems, ruin an organized situation, or throw off their plans. Don’t put things back wrong. Notice they have a system for everything and try to honor that. Let them be in control wherever possible. Don’t add more pressure and anxiety by telling them they aren’t good enough as they are. If you aren’t getting enough attention, approach it by asking what you can do to help them, so they have more time to focus on you. .

Raising a young Octagon

If you are a parent of a Diamond you need to know that a Diamond child will put so much pressure on themselves, they don’t need any pressure from their parents. What they need from you is to trust them that they have it all together and teach them how to have fun. Teach them it’s okay to make mistakes, leave things undone, and get some B’s instead of A’s. They need you to show them that perfect isn’t possible. They will damage themselves thinking it’s the standard. Some parents with Diamond kids, encourage them to miss school and be messier, because they are too perfect all the time. You might need to show them how to let loose.

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  • Other Diamonds

  • Arrows

  • Rectangles

  • Ovals

  • Rhombuses

  • Squares

These shapes are also task driven or like things clean and organized. Though the Rhombus and Square might battle the Diamond for control. Try to divide up who gets to oversee what tasks to prevent that. The other Shapes are not as needy for attention and won’t be as bothered if they don’t get a lot of it. Diamonds do well with partners who are easy going and will let them be in control too. They can be great with Ovals, if the Oval has enough confidence and drive to get their respect.

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In the Workplace

Diamonds are detail-oriented perfectionists and they will excel at almost anything they do. They are very responsible and hard working. They are wonderful in careers that require exactness, discipline, careful attention to details, accountability, and responsibility. They don’t need a lot of social interaction and work very well alone.

They also work well with deadlines, schedules, contracts, systems, and procedures, because they make sure things are done right. They don’t like to be micro-managed, and they don’t need to be. They are wonderful leaders unless their expectations are too high, or they expect others to work as hard as they do. They can be too demanding or hard to please at times. They often have poor work/life balance and would benefit from fixing it, over expecting others to have the same. Diamonds can also be hard to please at work and complain about anything that isn’t right. They sometimes must learn to let things go and not be bothered so much.

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  • Dentists

  • Dental Hygienists

  • Doctors

  • Surgeons

  • Organizers

  • Logistics

  • Accountants

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Technicians

  • Jobs where exactness and perfection are needed. There is literally no job where a Diamond won’t succeed and exceed expectations.

  • They are the best employees at any job, if they aren’t too demanding or hard to please.

Things they must work on

It is making people a bigger priority and being flexible and more easy-going. Sometimes they must let their standards go or leave things undone and focus on people. They need to let go of the need for control, especially with their children. Understand you can have connection or control, but not both. Connection is more important. Allow children to make mistakes and show them it doesn’t change their value. Diamond parents can be too demanding and raise children with a lot of fear of failure if they aren’t careful.

Diamonds need to work on trusting the universe, letting go of their expectations, and accepting what is. They might need to seek help with their anxiety and overthinking, and their Fear of Loss. They are simply tortured with worry and will need to learn how to control their fear thoughts and get into Clarity again.

Diamonds must watch their standards and their expectations for being unrealistic or too demanding. They must work on their listening skills and make sure they ask questions and listen to others more. They need to slow down and breathe. They often benefit from learning to meditate and calm themselves. They are sometimes difficult in relationships because they are just unsatisfied with almost everything. They subconsciously believe things should be perfect and can’t settle with the fact that never happens. They often get frustrated with others, who aren’t meeting their expectations. They must learn to allow others to be different and respect their different values and behaviors as enough.

How to recognize one:

They usually wear clothes that have clean lines, classic styles, and aren’t overly frilly. They prefer solid colors and often have sharp facial features. They are often thin and neat. They are perfectionistic, so everything is organized and done well.

Famous People This Shape

Oprah Winfrey

Howard Stern

Tom Cruise

George Clooney

Anderson Cooper

Charlize Theron

Anne Hathaway

Nicole Kidman

Reese Witherspoon

Julia Roberts

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