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Octagons are amazing people with big hearts and big potential. They are colorful movers and shakers, guides, healers, leaders, and influencers. They are people that draw attention for their charisma and style. They are usually successful in life, if they don’t let the hard things in their past get in the way. They often have a life story that includes some hardship and struggles. If they can conqueror these challenges and use them for good, they will harness their innate power and rise. If they struggle to overcome their past challenges, they can fall into a victim state and struggle with bitterness and frustration. Octagons need to know the amazing potential inside them and the power they possess to influence others and make a difference. The more they understand their innate gifts and talents and use them, the happier they will be.

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What they value and fear

They are Polygonal - so they literally overvalue everything, but especially their relationships and connections with People. They are highly social and need lots of time with friends and family. They are also a little intense as they highly value Tasks/Things, and Concepts too. They care a lot about everything being right. They might care too much. This means they can be bothered with things that aren’t right. If they are in a fear state and unbalanced they can be critical and complaining when things don’t meet their standards.

They are usually fear of loss dominant. They fear the loss of friendships, people, opportunities, relationships, money, time, and freedom. They fear betrayal, mistreatment and being taken from. They may have some fear of failure in play too. They can fear rejection and being unwanted or not good enough. They fear things not being right and their ideas not being heard. These fears can create a lot of anxiety and stress

The most important things to know about Octagons is they will get fear triggered if they feel mistreated or taken from. They can be prone to a victim mentality and feel sorry for themselves if things aren’t going well in their lives. Many Octagons have experienced mistreatment or abuse in their past or childhood, and some people even become Octagons through trauma. Though you can be born an Octagon too.

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What you need to know:

Octagons can be some of the most amazing, talented, high achieving people in the world when they are balanced in clarity, or some of the most tortured and difficult people to get along with if they are functioning in fear. If they are highly unbalanced because of the hard things they’ve experienced, they can be complaining, critical, and hard to please. They can also be stubborn and close-minded, if they think they are right, and blame others for everything, but this is only when an Octagon is hurting and functioning in a fear state. They are nothing like this when they are balanced.

Octagons have a strong sense of loyalty and can feel betrayed easily. When they feel betrayed, they may lash back and you don’t want to have an Octagon mad at you, because it could get unpleasant.

Most of the time Octagons are pure magic though and absolutely fantastic with people. They highly value their relationships and are the world’s best networkers, connectors, and influencers. They often have amazing spiritual gifts and can be psychics and energy healers. They are often highly sensitive and very empathetic. They are also intelligent and creative. They have many talents and gifts. They are highly influential. People follow them and love being around them.

What to do in relationship

Octagons highly value being listened to and appreciate it when you are willing to listen to all their thoughts and ideas. This makes them feel loved and valued. Be as open as you can be to their advice and suggestions. Let them know you appreciate their wisdom and tell them how amazing and special they are. Give them lots of verbal praise. Doing these things will create a great relationship with them.

Octagons are very sensual and comfortable with sexuality, and they thrive with lots of physical affection and connection. They are some of the most sensual and romantic of all the Shapes.

They also need lots of sociality and time with friends and people. If they don’t get this, they won’t be happy. They also love romance and big effort to show your love. They will always do the same for you. They really want to be the number one most important thing in your world and to feel adored.

If they have a victim story, validate that story, and tell them how amazing they are for rising above it. If there is behavior that you want to change, the best way to do that is to encourage them to see the opposite qualities in themselves and praise them for being so amazing. This will encourage them to change themselves.

To make a relationship with an Octagon great, ask them for their advice about things often, and allow them to share all their opinions and ideas. Give them lots of attention and time with people. They love hosting parties and events, so support them in doing this. Give them control over as much as possible and validate them often. These things will make the relationship work.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t make them feel they are second place. They really want to be the number one thing in your world. Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will probably push back, and you won’t win in a power struggle with them.

Don’t be dishonest, even if it will upset them. They would rather be hurt by the truth, than comforted by a lie.

Don’t expect fights or misunderstandings to be resolved fast. Octagons can be long communicators and they will probably need to talk it out at length, before they feel better.

Don’t expect an apology to be enough. If you have hurt or wronged them, you will have to make restitution and make it up to them in some way before they can let it go.

Don’t get offended easy. Octagons are quick to say what they think, and this can bother some people. Just know that it isn’t meant as criticism, they just love offering advice and opinions. Ask them to possibly ask a permission question before giving advice in the future and see if you are open to it or would rather do it your own way.

Raising a young Octagon

Young Octagons need you to teach them how to do friendships right and honor and respect other people’s opinions and ideas. They are sometimes bossy friends, who expect everyone to cater to their plans. They need to understand boundaries and allow others to lead. They care so much about relationships they can get very frustrated if they keep losing friends and don’t understand why. Help them learn to listen more than they talk and be respectful of other’s ideas and choices. This is something you might need to talk about often, until they learn it.

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Stars and Rhombuses are good sexual equals and value many of the same things they do. Diamonds are a good match because they try hard to make everything right. These Shapes are also strong enough to stand up to the Octagons confidence and bluntness, without being crushed by it. Octagons respect this strength and admire it. They can have good relationships with other Shapes if they are balanced though and honor the differences instead of being irritated by them.

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In the Workplace

Octagons are responsible, driven, talented, goal oriented, organized, motivated employees. They have big goals and like being the leader and making a difference. Their only downfall at work is their need to be right about their opinions, and sometimes being inflexible about doing things someone else’s way. They do best if they have autonomy and the freedom to be creative and make things happen on their terms. They often are happier being entrepreneurs or being the boss.

They like to look good and be acknowledged for their work. They like change, if it is their idea, but can be resistant if you don’t have their buy in. Give them lots of compliments, be firm and absolute about expectations. If they are functioning in fear, they can initiate conflict or create office division. If unbalanced enough, they can be a negative influence.

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  • Motivational Speakers

  • Sales Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • CEOS

  • Leaders

  • Radio or TV hosts

  • Real estate agents

  • Consulting

  • Counseling

  • Teaching

  • Energy workers/healers

  • Party planners

  • Performers

  • Thought leaders, social media, youtube influencers

  • Jobs where they have the autonomy to do things their way and can be the leader not a follower.

  • Jobs where they can shine, be the center of attention, have lots of fans or friends since they highly value people, relationships, and connections, and can use their gifts of influence and networking.

Things they must work on

Octagons must work on not giving unsolicited advice so liberally, being too critical or vocal about what they see that is wrong, and being too needy for attention or popularity. They must work on listening to other’s opinions and feelings, more than they talk, and not dominate conversations or be too blunt.

They must watch out for being presumptuous and telling people things that could be taken as criticism. They are such amazing people with so many talents and gifts, they must work on staying humble and not seeing themselves as better than others. If they stay in a balanced clarity state, and manage their fear of loss, they usually don’t struggle with these things.

How to recognize one:

They stand out and tend to draw attention. They dress to impress, are unique in their style, and have confidence and charisma. They are often influential and popular and will have lots of followers and friends around them. They have lots of ideas and opinions and will usually share them. If something isn’t right, they will probably tell you.

Famous People This Shape

Oprah Winfrey

Howard Stern

Tom Cruise

George Clooney

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