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Rectangles are amazing people who bring passion, drive, intelligence, expertise, and a love for learning to the world. They are interesting, adventurous, and talented. Rectangles highly value education, research, ideas, experiences, freedom, and independence. They are kind and caring but they can get so focused on ideas and hobbies, they forget to make people important sometimes. Their magic lies in their brain power and passion for learning. They are amazing and will often be the smartest person in the room.

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Rectangles are fear of failure dominant, but they can have a lot of fear of loss too, especially around losing time or not having enough of it to do the things they want to do. They can also have fear of loss around their freedom. They fear rejection and not being good enough and they will run from relationships if they don’t have enough freedom or feel like they are going to fail there. They would rather run now, then be hurt later.

The most important things to know about Rectangles is they are caring and want to have good relationships; they just have a great passion and thirst to learn and develop skills around their interests. These things fill them up and make life interesting and exciting to them. You will always compete with their hobbies, for their time. They can even have an avoidant attachment style and be uncomfortable showing emotions and being vulnerable.

Rectangles highly value ideas, learning, and free time to do what they want. They value knowledge, research, data, numbers, and understanding how things work. They value skills and talents and being good at the things they do. They are very learned and can be walking encyclopedias. They remember large amounts of information and are extremely intelligent.

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You must understand they research everything and want to know it all. When they are given responsibility to make a decision, it is often agonizing for them. They often delay and procrastinate, because it is torture making a choice. They read, research, re-read, and re-research to make sure they know everything there is to know. They are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Rectangles are loving and can be connected partners if they also have time freedom and space to pursue their interests and passions. Many Rectangles like to tinker. Whether it’s working in a man cave or on creative projects, they just love to be busy in their shop, and alone in their thoughts. In general, Rectangles do best when they have people around them who understand this behavioral pattern.

Rectangles are often professional students and educators. They feel that no matter what their education level, it is never enough, so they always strive for greater knowledge. They don’t like to owe anyone anything or be in debt. They are careful with money and want to be debt free, with good savings, and a great credit score if possible. They are neat, tidy, and organized and they like their space to stay this way. Rectangles are often called a Renaissance man or woman, because they are good at so many things. They are talented and smart and there is nothing they can’t learn to do.

Rectangles are loyal, responsible, caring people in relationships. They are often givers, but their love language is acts of service, but they often need physical touch too. They show their love by getting things done for you. They struggle with words and expressing emotion. They don’t enjoy conflict and would rather avoid it, but if you fight with them, they will defend themselves. They can forgive and let things go fast though, especially with a sincere apology.

Rectangles are very logical and practical, but sometimes they are not very socially connected. Some Rectangles are even on the Autism spectrum. They crave being in a relationship but can have an avoidant attachment style and need their freedom too. To make a relationship with a Rectangle work, you are going to have to give them lots of time on their own, to feel independent, and do their own things. You will need to understand their need for their hobbies and not feel jealous of the time they spend there. You will need to be a patient listener and open to their opinions and ideas. This makes them feel valued.

Don’t waste money. Don’t be controlling and insist on things your way. They will push back and want their way, and no one will win in a power struggle. Don’t get offended when they speak their mind. Rectangles are quick to say what they think, and this can offend people. Have thick skin.

Don’t mess up their systems or move their tools or things. They need their organization as it is. Don’t be surprised when they would rather stay at home than go out. Don’t push them to go to a party or social event if they don’t feel up to it. Make a deal and strike a balance if you are a social Shape.

Don’t push them to decide anything before they are ready. They are slow decision makers and must research and think it through before making a choice. Don’t be inconsiderate, dishonest, or disloyal. They would rather hear the truth, even if it might make them feel bad.

Raising a young Rectangle

Young Rectangles are usually book worms and can’t get enough time to learn about the things that interest them. They like lots of lessons and classes. They usually struggle with friendships and feel like others don’t get them. They can struggle to connect with people and be socially awkward. They need help learning some social skills that come naturally to other Shapes.

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  • Other Rectangles

  • Squares

  • Crosses

  • Arrows

  • Ovals

  • Diamonds

They like an intelligent partner, who is also logical and practical, someone who is frugal with money and likes some time alone. These Shapes also like time to do their own things and aren’t too needy for emotional connection.

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They are knowledgeable, analytical, thorough, logical, confident, and rational employees. They are organized and hardworking but can be arrogant at times when they think they know better than others. The problem is they might. They probably researched the issue. They are innovative and creative and want to be respected and appreciated for their intelligence and contributions. They have strong opinions though and struggle if expected to do something they don’t agree with. They like the autonomy to make decisions and do things the way they think is right.

They are slow decision makers and research things for too long and agonize over every choice, especially if spending money is on the line. They will be happy at work if you stroke their ego and give them positive feedback. If you need to give them some negative, make sure you ask questions and listen to them first, then ask if they’d be open to hearing your thoughts. They really appreciate being heard and listened to.

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  • Researchers

  • Professors

  • Technical Experts

  • Web Design or Coding

  • Accounting

  • Engineering

  • Data Analysis

  • Science or Math Careers

  • Jobs where they can continue to learn and have fresh challenges.

  • They like work that requires independence, efficiency, or mechanical abilities.

  • They are not as good in positions where empathy, caring, emotional connection, flexibility, fast decision-making, or teamwork are required.


Rectangles are amazing people who are talented and knowledgeable but sometimes they are not the best with people. They can be socially awkward, unless it is something they have worked on. They can come off as unfriendly, but it usually just their insecurity showing up.

They need to watch out for getting into ego around their intelligence and not making others feel stupid. They tend to correct people if they say something wrong. Rectangles need to let people be wrong and do things wrong, or at least ask permission before they give advice or suggestions. Ask the person if they are open to a suggestion, or just want to do it their own way.


They must make sure they don’t tell others what they think, if it wasn’t asked for. They need to watch how long they talk about a topic that others might not be interested in.


They need to be better at investing in their relationships and showing people they matter. They benefit from books with ideas for romantic gestures and fun dates. They must make relationships a priority and put time and effort into them.

They are usually a little socially awkward, reserved, and very busy with all their hobbies and interests. They have an energy crash in the late afternoon and often need a power-nap, then they can stay up late working on projects. They are good at lots of things.

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