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Rhombuses are amazing alpha people who bring drive, power, leadership, and intelligence to the world. They are motivated, strong, and dedicated. They highly value Concepts and Tasks/Things. They can get so focused on tasks and ideas that they can forget to make people important enough though. They measure their success in life by their income and achievements, so these things are very important to them. They are highly competitive and strive to be the best at whatever they do.

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What they value and fear

A Rhombus has fear of loss around being taken from, losing money, being taken advantage of, or looking bad. They may have some fear of failure too, but mostly around looking bad or a diminished reputation. They also fear disorder, chaos, and situations they cannot control. They are fear triggered whenever they feel others are being stupid and it could cost them money. They are overly money sensitive because money represents their worth and their freedom. They often have a temper when they get fear triggered and can be unkind or harsh in this state.

The most important things to know about Rhombuses is they highly value success, hard work, competition, and making money. They value financial achievements and think money is the score card of their personal worth. They value great ideas, systems, and people who do amazing things for them. They highly value loyalty and like to be appreciated for all they do. They are alphas and always want to be the best at everything they do. Some Rhombuses are hunters, football players, or weightlifters.

They like competition and want to win.


They can struggle with toxic masculinity and be misogynistic. They can undervalue other people who are weak, irresponsible, naïve, or who they view as stupid. They can have trouble with arrogance and seeing themselves as better than others, who are less successful. A balanced Rhombus, who is functioning in clarity though, can be understanding, kind, supportive and generous. Their bad behavior only comes out when they are in a fear state and feel they must put down others to feel bigger.

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What you need to know:

You will need to have thick skin. Do not let their anger and criticism affect your self-worth. Remember, their anger is about their Fear of Loss, not your value. If you make a mistake, own it and be responsible. They will respect that. Also, be direct and say it like it is. They don’t like drama and they like people who can communicate confidently.

If they are mean, tell them that. You must have strong boundaries and not allow abuse. They will respect your strength. If you allow them to abuse you, they lose respect for you quickly. When they get angry, it is best to let them vent and get their anger out, if you can handle it and know it’s not about you. See them as scared of loss and out of balance. Ask them questions about what they need to feel better about this issue. See if they can solve the problem, they usually can.

Again, if you make a mistake, own it, and promise to make up for it in some way. Restitution makes fear of loss dominant Shapes feel better and let things go.

What to do in relationship

Rhombuses appreciate high quality things, expensive cars, watches, shoes, and the like. Rhombuses love language is physical touch and gifts. They are usually great gift givers and can be very affectionate.

Rhombuses love their friends and families, but they have a strong need to make things happen, compete, and be successful, and sometimes it might feel like their work is more important than you are. Just get their attention, give them some validation for everything they do for you. Then, ask if they’d be willing to make some changes to make sure both your needs are met. You will need to have thick skin. Remember, when they get triggered and upset it is usually about their own fears and it’s not about you. They just tend to project their frustration at anyone around and fire with both barrels.

They can be selfish, if not full-blown narcissists. They can be hard in relationships and there may be too much conflict or anger for some Shapes to manage it. You must have strong boundaries and not let them walk on you. They will respect you more if you speak up for yourself and tell them when they are out of line.

You won’t have trouble with a Rhombus in a clarity state though. They can be great in relationships if they feel safe and successful. They can be great partners and parents if they can learn to be flexible and not controlling. To make a relationship work with a Rhombus you must be motivated and responsible. You must think things through and make competent decisions. They respect intelligence and competence.

What NOT to do in relationship

Don’t be irresponsible or leave messes behind you. Clean up after yourself and do it right. Be on time and organized, as much as you can. Rhombuses have a hard time dealing with stupidity, people who are irresponsible, or lazy.

Don’t make excuses and shirk responsibility for what you do. They will respect you more if you own your mistakes, say you’re sorry, and make it up to them. Making restitution is the only way for them to recover from the loss and let it go and forgive you. Don’t lie to them. Be honest even if it would upset them. They would rather hear the truth than be lied to.

Don’t be offended too easily. Rhombuses are quick to say what they think, and this can offend and bother other people, so you must watch for this behavior and not get defensive too easy. Have thick skin. Don’t emasculate them or make them feel unwanted or unappreciated.

Don’t drop the ball and forget or just not do what you were responsible for doing. Don’t be dumb and not think before you act. They expect you to use your brain and think before you do things. Again, just own your mistakes and try to do better next time.

Raising a young Rhombus

You must start teaching them to control their temper while they are young. You will probably have to take away freedom or money as a natural consequence for being unkind. Teach them healthy ways to process anger, like exercise or a punching bag, so they won’t take it out on people. They need to have healthy outlets for energy, anger, and aggression. They do really well playing sports and it can be a great outlet.

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  • Stars

  • Octagons

  • Diamonds

  • Squares


These are the Shapes that can handle a strong partner, or they are Shapes that care about and value the same things the Rhombus does. Stars and Octagons are good matches sexually and Rhombuses love how they look. They can have relationships with other Shapes if they learn to respect and honor differences, but we often warn Ovals, Hearts, and Circles that a Rhombus would be a hard match for them.

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In the Workplace

Rhombuses have great vision and drive. They are here to make big impacts and have the capacity to really put their mark on their chosen industry or the world. These natural born leaders often have great charisma and intelligence, and they do well inspiring people and creating followers.

When Rhombuses passions are aligned with global advocacy or entrepreneurship, their impact is undeniable. A balanced and heart-centered Rhombus can impact the planet for good, while an unbalanced Rhombus can leave a trail of destruction behind them. It’s often easy to identify a Rhombus as they are natural leaders. Look for their strength and intelligence and their capacity to build a following.

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  • CEO

  • Sales

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Lumberjack

  • Trucking

  • Coaching Sports

  • Politician


Rhombuses are good employees for work that requires strength, courage, leadership, competitiveness, confidence, motivation, courage, and hard work.

They are best as the boss or top dog, because they don’t take orders well from others. They are not good in positions where empathy, flexibility, patience, caring, softness with people, consideration of others, or bedside manner are needed. They would be a bull in a china shop.

Things they must work on

It is their temper, their ego, and their selfishness. They are often naturally easy to trigger and selfish in their focus. They need to learn relationship skills and how to show up for others. They can be narcissistic and rough on loved ones. They must work on their bedside manner, bring more understanding and compassionate, and listening to understand other people. They often must work on caring enough to even want to listen. They often could benefit from some professional relationship coaching. They sometimes have anger problems and a very short fuse. They can blow up and rip people’s heads off. They often need some dedicated work on this and learning to handle emotions on their own, before attacking others.

How to recognize one:

They usually have masculine energy, are type A, driven, and successful. Some Rhombuses lift weights and drive trucks or fast cars, others are highly successful in business and make lots of money. They care about their appearance, having nice things, and they lose their temper when they feel wronged. They often have a masculine square chin or jaw.

Famous People This Shape

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Kanye West

Donald Trump

Tiger Woods

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